Born way back in 1984 in Zagreb, Croatia.   When Jurassic Park hit the theaters, his parents took him to the cinema. A nine year old wannabe paleontologist by day, astronaut by night might have entered the cinema, but an aspiring filmmaker returned home that evening.   He began writing, as well as teaching himself to operate the camera and do practical effects. At first, all he had to work with was an old Super 8 camera from his grandfather, but soon enough his parents bought him a Hi8 analog video camera. Later, once he got himself a decent enough computer, he started working on his visual effects skills.   In 2009, after he has completed lots of short films, he wrote and directed a twenty minute dramedy, Southeast of Reason. That was a television pilot used to pitch the series during the 2010/2011 season. Sheer complexity of that project made it an invaluable learning experience, especially for a first big project.   He has since written and directed a season run of a short-form series, as well as several short films. He has also worked as a visual effects artist on feature films, domestic and international television series, as well as commercials and short films.  


2010. "Southeast of Reason" (television pilot; 20 min) 2013. "Southeast of Reason" (short-form series; 7 episodes, around 5 min each) 2014. "Production Night" (short film; 4:25 min) 2015. "Star Stuff" (short film; 9:42 min)